Cochlear Implants and MUSIC : The case of Estera Labiga
Cochlear Implants and MUSIC : The case of Estera Labiga
October 01, 2015 11:36AM
Estera Łabiga

Cochlear implantation: left ear, 29 November 2005

‘Therapy through Music’

Estera: When I was little, my mother took me to music lessons of mu elder siblings, who have musical talents, and to concerts at Philharmonic Concert Hall. My parents did not know then that I had severe hearing loss. When I was 5 and half years old, I was referred to the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, where I was diagnosed. At first I had hearing aids and later I had been qualified for cochlear implantation. My parents wanted to make up for the delays in my hearing and speech development and decided that I will take flute lessons. At the beginning it was to be only an element of my rehabilitation programme. An experienced music teacher encouraged my parents to enrol me to a music school to a flute class. Flute produces sounds close to an ear, so it is conducive to a general hearing development. Thus started my fascinating adventure with music and rapid overall development, because I needed to talk with people. In time, music became my true passion.

After cochlear implantation I started to be able to hear much better and I could better tell apart different sounds, especially in high register. Today I attend 2nd level music school and I am looking forward to receiving a diploma. It is a kind of musical matriculation, it would allow me pursuing a professional musical career. I have many opportunities open as I have completed also a piano class beside the flute. I am not sure yet what I would like to be in life, but I like music and do not have any problems with performing in front of an audience.

To begin with music helped me in hearing rehabilitation, but I owe it a lot more. It taught me to be persistent in pursuing my dreams, to overcome obstacles, to believe in my strength. Music school developed in me a specific aesthetical sensibility. I treasure good art and artists who have something important to say. I have no time for mediocrity.

Author: Malgorzata Jeruzalska,
World Hearing Center, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Warsaw/Kajetany, Poland

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